Arizona Goat Yoga In the Media

You could say we goat around...

wall street journal News Media for Arizona goat yoga
radio show Arizona flag goat yoga media
elen Degeneres game of games with Arizona goat yoga
Izzy osbourn TV show at Arizona goat yoga
ANW April Gould Goat Yoga
Guinness world records Arizona goat yoga
amazing race team goat yoga 30
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Is goat yoga really a thing? Yes it is! Here are several Media and News Articles to prove it! Arizona Goat Yoga has been on everything from the Wall Street Journal, Ellen’s Game of Games, Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour, American Ninja Warrior, 2x Guinness world record book, the Amazing Race, Many Arizona newspapers, news, commercials, radio , tevision shows, The list TV, Cash Pad, and MORE! These are only the things that ARIZONA goat yoga as personally been featured on. Goat Yoga in itself has spread across the world through social media, television shows, national commercials, and much much more.

We’ve been around even before Goat Yoga was a “thing”. We never could have even imagined what it would become! Everyday we are thankful for this opportunity to spread love and fun throughout the community!

This page is just a snipit of the media Videos of which Arizona Goat Yoga has specifically has appeared. This does not even include all the thousands of videos Goat Yoga in general has appeared… because of the videos, it takes a little longer to load . Thank you for your patience.