Alpaca Rentals

Rent our famous Alpacas for your wedding or other special event! 

Why Alpacas? An Alpaca kiss is an instant conversation starter for everyone from Grandma to your new brother in law! Kip and Napoleon are very social Alpacas and specially trained and well behaved to mingle with guests and “Pose” for that perfect picture! They have gone anywhere from birthday parties of all ages, to corporate events, to even walking with a bridal party down the aisle. We are able to accommodate any creative requests, as long as it is in the animals best interest. 

Alpaca Rental Cost

1 hour: $800

1.5 hours: $875

2 hours: $950

2+ hours are an additional $200 each hour

As seen on Lovely Day Journal Magazine “Alpaca Weddings are The Newest Trend of 2022!” 

bride in a wedding dress hugging an alpaca
wedding couple kissing with two alpacas
wedding couple looking at each other with alpaca