How did Goat Yoga start?

We just live by the motto: “There’s no such thing as a dumb idea”.

April Gould is Arizona’s famous Goat Farmer!  April became publicly known on the television show American Ninja Warrior. April is a retired professional Waterskiier and 2x American Ninja Warrior competitor. On the show, she was featured for using her goats as training partners, putting them on her back while doing various exercise and yoga poses. ANW dubbed her as the “Goat Whisperer” and roots began to grow. April is a wife and mother of 3 kids, and 35 goats. They are all considered part of the family, with their own names and individual personalities.

Sarah Williams majored in Exercise Science at ASU, and has been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She is a Registered Yoga teacher, certified Pilates Instructor, CrossFit trainer, USA Weightlifting Coach, and has competed in several national-level synchronized swimming competitions. She  is a wife and mother of 4 kids, and you will often see April and Sarah’s children helping out during class.

More about April and Sarah’s Adventures Here.

How did this all happen?

Short answer, April has Goats and Sarah teaches yoga… No, but seriously, it took a lot of hard work and determination. After all, we had to convince the world it was a “Real thing”. While April was training with her goats in 2015 for the television show, American Ninja Warrior, Sarah coincidentally was working on her own unique workout routine, and started a successful Paddleboard Yoga business. Wanting to do something different during the cooler winter months, and knowing April had extraordinary acrobatic goats, the concept of combining yoga with goats naturally came to be.

Established in 2015 was established in 2015, and has continued to grow across the Nation. As the original creators of this world wide phenomenon, we never could have imagined, “Goat Yoga”, would become what it is today. What once was a crazy idea, is now recognized as a new type of yoga animal therapy. We take pride in our women owned business, and are continually growing, to create original, new, and unique, ideas to inspire others. We love bringing the community together, and Guarantee a “Goat Experience!” 

“We are passionate about spreading love, peace and joy, throughout diverse communities, by the entertaining enjoyment, and healing power of laughter, that one can only experience at Arizona Goat Yoga!”

“Goats dont judge, goats just love”


Two girls with I love goat yoga shirts leaning against a fence with goat looking up
April Gould and Sarah Williams, Goat Yoga Creators