Goat Yoga Parties

Goat Yoga makes the perfect destination to celebrate your next get together or special event! We get asked all the time about hosting private parties, but Unfortunately, we do not offer any smaller class packages, other than those listed HERE. If an event package is a little too much for what you need, we recommend coming to a public class for $15 a person, and sitting together as a group. Although you are in a “Public class” it works very well for parties. Much like going to a restaurant but having your own table. We have had many Birthday, Bachelorette, and Business parties done this way… Plus, it gives you something to talk and laugh about- “Oh my gosh, Did you totally see that guys face when those goats jumped on him??” LOL, real words I have heard… and it was hilarious!

If class happens to fill before you can buy tickets for everyone, dont worry! Grandma doesnt have to watch from the sidelines of her family reunion. We will make room for everyone and allow them to check in at the gate for $20. Sorry we do not offer discounts or coupon codes. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us a Owner@GoatYoga.com.