National Goat Yoga Holiday

...Not just a day, but 28 days of Goat Yoga Love!

February is National Goat Yoga Month!!

Celebrate National Goat Yoga Month with us!

Sign-up NOW for our Guinness World Record Event for the “Largest Goat Yoga Class” February 23, 2019!

February isn’t just for the love of your significant others, its also for the love of Goat Yoga! We finally got approved to make “National Goat Yoga” not only for just a day, but a whole Month of 28 DAYS of Goat Yoga love!! We pride ourselves in bringing diverse communities together!! It has exploded in popularity, every February, Goat Yogi’s around the nation have always gotten together to celebrate this special month.

Goat Yogi’s across the world celebrate every February with either 1. photos of various yoga poses with, or around, a goat (even stuffed). 2. Official Goat Yoga classes hold a special class or small event for charity. 3. Goat Yoga hold a large  national world-wide event or celebration. This year, our large 2018 event, Arizona Goat Yoga became record holders in the Guinness Book of World Records for achieving the “Fastest [Yoga] Goat to run across a human tunnel”, [page 77 of the 2019 Guinness Book of Records]. This upcoming February, 23, 2019, in the Mesa Amphitheater, we are going to be achieving the “Largest Goat Yoga Class” in honor of National Goat Yoga Month with all Goat Yogi’s who wish to attend. We are having judges from Guinness, Mesa Mayor, and hundreds other participants, media, and spectators.

A little history: February is a special month for Goat Yoga! February 7th, 2015 was the first day goats were officially trained in yoga activity- It has since spread across the entire world. In February of 2015, on a little farm in Gilbert Arizona, the founding seeds of Goat Yoga were planted. The idea of goats jumping on your back was truly inspired. April Gould trained baby goats, with the intention, of having them jump on and run across the backs of yogi’s during various poses, for the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior. She was then featured on the show and dubbed the “Goat Whisperer”


Coincidentally, Yoga was becoming more popular with props, such as Paddle-boards. As temperatures dropped and was too cold for paddle-boards, Yogi Instructor, Sarah Williams and Goat Whisperer, April Gould, decided to combine their two passions and created Goat Yoga!  

What first started out as a small- 8 person class of Goat Yoga/ Boot Camp, has evolved into weekly sold out classes of 150 participants and waiting lists full of goat-loving yogis!

We want to spread awareness for ” National Goat Yoga Month”  in front of thousands of people and media during our Guinness World Record for “The Largest Goat Yoga Class” this upcoming February 2019! Goat Yoga holiday is the perfect addition to your list of fun holidays!!

Goat Yoga is the newest fitness craze to hit the country!  It is so much fun! All you hear is laughter the whole time! It brings every diverse community together! Goat Yoga is for EVERYONE!! Goats dont judge, Goats just Love, and Goat Yoga is good for yogi’s and the goats! Yoga Goats love yoga! Goats love the attention and human interaction, and likewise yogi’s love the feel of doing different and new types of yoga in a field surrounded by nature. It is healing for the mind, body, and spirit.