28 days of Goat Yoga Love!

Join us as we set the world record for the largest goat yoga class! Maisy the cow will be there for cuddling. Napoleon and Kip for alpaca hugs and tons of baby goats for before and after Instagram pics! Please check out the rules below. We will do a solid 30 minutes of yoga and then lots of time to cuddle and take pics with animals!

February isn’t just for the love of your significant others, its also for the love of Goat Yoga! We are approved to make “National Goat Yoga” not only for just a day, but a whole Month of Goat Yoga love!! Every February, Goat Yogi’s around the nation get together to celebrate this special month through #goatyogamonth. This year to kick it off, we are going to be holding the “Largest Goat Yoga Class” 

A little history: February 2015, on a little farm in Gilbert Arizona, the founding seeds of Goat Yoga were planted. What first started out as a small 8 person Goat Yoga type Boot Camp, has evolved into weekly sold out classes of pure goat-loving yogis!

We want to spread awareness for ” National Goat Yoga Month”  in front of thousands of people this upcoming February and are kicking it off with the Largest Goat Yoga class! Come Join us!! Goat Yoga is the perfect addition to your fun list of holidays!!