Goat Yoga April 15 class pyramid group photo

Goat Yoga puts the “Fun” in Fundraisers, making it an easy way to earn money for your school, community, church, team, sport, club, camp, pageant, or any other cause! The best part is, we allow you the ability to set your own price. Here are a couple different options, depending on your needs.

Large fundraisers- up to 150 people, simply purchase one of our private classes and sell tickets to your guests, keeping the profit for your organization. It would be your responsibility to advertise and collect payments beforehand. Private classes start at $1500.

Smaller fundraisers- you would basically “Sell” gift certificates for any amount you choose- depending on how much you want to raise. Once you’ve collected the orders and payment, you would purchase the amount of certificates you need. We will email the certificates to you, that way, you can print, or forward the PDF to the contributor. 

Donations– We love to give back to our community! We will freely give goat yoga gift certificates to use for fundraising raffles to any charity, church, school, or other non-profit organization. Email to let us know your cause, and where to send the certificates to.

Please keep in mind that tickets are non refundable, and it is your responsibility to collect payments before you buy. Gift Certificates are good for 6 months from date of purchase. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at