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couple doing acro goat yoga with Arizona flag

Goat yoga reviews from Over 10,000 yogi’s who come to Arizona Goat Yoga every year!

Ravi R.
Arizona Goat Yoga is a reason to do YOGA- the goats are adorable AND you get a great workout! If I lived in Phoenix, I would be there every class. The farm that it is on is GORGEOUS and #JustTheTip Michale Jacksons Giraffes live there. It was an overall EPIC Adventure!

Zoe S.
Amazing. It’s not just the fact that there’s adorably dressed goats everywhere, but they are actually trained to interact with everyone. Even if you can’t do the yoga, it’s so relaxing to just laugh and be with friends and adorable animals.

Anais A.
LITERALLY the best, unique experience. They do a great job ensuring that everyone gets time with the goats. There’s a bunch of babies right now as well! Super fun date night!

Catherine K.
It was worth travelling from Australia to Arizona. OMG so much fun!! We got there early and got to dress up the goats!!!! It was almost too much. No words can express the joy you get from this experience!

Dane H.
So much fun! Never tried yoga before, and pretty much went to play with the baby goats. I had a lot of fun with the goats and the people, and I actually learned a little bit about yoga, as well!

Christina Q.
This was a blast!!! I brought my Girl Scout troop and we had so much fun with the goats, plus got some yoga in! Thank you so much April and Sarah!

Rosann W.
what a fun way to interact with animals, nature and some great time for yourself!!! Check it out…a unique experience for sure!

Melanie Lynn
It was amazing! The staff was so helpful and made sure every person had the best goat experience!

This was an amazing time, the goats were adorable and the group of people there were awesome!

Tami B.
So much fun grab a bunch of girlfriends, boyfriends and give it a try. Not to much yoga, but, a great time.

Lee S.
We had so much fun our smile muscles hurt! Don’t be intimidated by the fact that there is yoga. It was completely relaxed and everyone is so happy to be there. We will be back as often as we can!

Holly S.
Loved goat yoga! So relaxing and the goats were adorable. A must do for all yogies who love goats!!

Marisa P.
So awesome! I want to do it every week!!!! Great instructors!

Heather V.
Loved “Goat Yoga PJ Party” last night! I also love that everyone who works/volunteers here are happy and pleasant people who clearly love what they do. They also ensured that each of their guests had their own personal goat experience, which was pretty fantastic. I also really enjoyed the fact that they do not force you to participate in the yoga or do extremely crazy poses, the reason I’m mentioning this is because I tore my right knee meniscus and aggravated an old ACL tear in the same knee… which means my right leg is pretty unstable so there are things I can/cannot do. So, like I said, its great that Yoga is not forced upon you and it is not difficult. There were lots of poses I could do easily. Plus, goat therapy! Baaaaa

Julie K.
This was my second time going and it was a blast again!!!

Sarah M.
It was really fun to play with the goats The goats were all so cute and friendly! Also a very clean field, no poop or pokie things to step on (most of us were walking around barefoot). Pretty good experience all together!

Allison G.
So much fun! When telling others about a goat yoga class I was going to attend, they thought it sounded crazy. If you are an animal lover, adventurous soul, or just want to get out of the house this is for you! The yoga itself wasn’t too difficult which is great for myself as a beginner. Boy oh boy, I realized I’m not as limber as I once was. The class was full of all ages and all sizes which was great to see. Don’t have any fears about judgement either! Nobody has time to judge when precious baby goats are frolicking around…or jumping on your back! I can’t wait to attend more classes and take friends along.

Anne M.
This has to be one of the coolest things ever! Goat yoga is a must for anyone who wants to come out and hang with the goats while doing some yoga! The people here are awesome and do a great job of making it fun and enjoyable for everyone. The goats are awesome too!! I will definitely come back!!

Christina B.
My daughter and I did goat yoga for the 3rd time on Saturday night and we brought my mom (who was visiting from California). We all loved it! It’s always a fun time. Plenty of goat cuddles and fun yoga moves, too! Thank you for providing our community with such a special experience!

Adrienne R.
what a joyful experience! the people of AZ Goat Yoga are incredibly kind & patient, the goats are just the best little buddies, and you’ll laugh with great folks from all over the valley! what’re you waiting for?!?

Mitzi H.
What a fun experience!! I highly recommend this unique event! Once you are there, you can’t help but smile the whole time!! The staff is fun and sweet and the goats are even sweeter! Definitely a must do!!!

Nicole D.
So much fun! You don’t have to be a yoga expert to enjoy. Everyone is promised a “goat experience”, and they don’t disappoint. A must do if you’re a local! They book up fast so don’t hesitate. Just do it!

Brooke J.
It was a lot of fun. We will have to do it again! Because we were in the field, it wasn’t as hot either which is nice considering we went at the end of June.

Lynn A.
What a great night with friends. We laughed the entire time and did get some yoga in between our shenanigans . 🙂 This was my first time doing any type of yoga and was a blast! Great job gals! We already signed up for another event with you!

Tamara A.
OMG (goat)!!! We had so much fun…even though I’m not in shape in enough to do some of the yoga…this is so worth it. Felt the stress just melt away with the fun staff and the sweet babies. I’ll definitely be back!!!

Ron B.
Oh my gosh!! What did we just do?! That was a great and entertaining time! The staff and the goats were some fun! I would recommend to anyone. FYI those aren’t raisins��

Lisa N.
If you are going to visit Phoenix then Goat Yoga is a must. So different and such a fun experience. Staff is very friendly and helpful in any way. Goats are very friendly.

Cassidy G.
I went 6/16 for sunset goat yoga and it was amazing. Not so much as true yoga but you get to have goats on your back and frolic right next to you. You haven’t truly lived unless you have had a goat on your back while doing yoga!!

Steph A.
Amazing experience! I went with my sister and we had so much fun. The goats walk around while you do some yoga. You take a couple breaks, very relaxed atmosphere. Then there are opportunities to do acroyoga with the goats. Definitely going again, the women who run the class are great.

MaryJo L.
The goats are cute and we actually did yoga! Be aware, at any moment a goat may just jump up on your back! We had a blast! Highly recommend for a fun evening – one of a kind experience!

Lisa L.
We loved it! The goats are so cute. They do a nice job sharing the goats with everyone. Great for out of town guests to experience.

Lea S.
So fun!! Most def a must do for all animal lovers. Me and my girlfriends are not so much “yogies” but still got a good workout and had an amazing experience

Krissi G.
Had the best time ever!!!! Already got tickets to go again. My heart was smiling the entire class.

Sierra D.
Goat yoga was amazing and so much fun! Plus, everyone got to spend time with the goats 🙂 I would highly recommend this for anyone!

Cristyna H.
So much fun! I hate yoga, but had an amazing time. Definitely going back and brining more friends!

Kris G.
Sooo much love with these babies…. I’ll definitely be back for more goat therapy!!!

Letish F.
What an amazing time! GO! Bring your friends! The memories will last a lifetime…

Chrissy M.
Super fun time! Great goats and people ! Can’t wait to go back

Theresa G.
Amazing time with the goats and the instructor, I’ll def be back!!

Tiffany K.
So fun!!!! We will definitely go again, fun for kids and adults.

Melissa M.
The most fun I’ve ever had! It was the highlight of my vacation!

Edward N.
Baby goats in rave attire and yoga…what else is there to life?! Lol

Dee A.
What a wonderful time!!!! So much fun! The people are so friendly…..but the goats are incredible♥♥♥♥

Krissy M.
Amazing experience! I really enjoyed myself and was able to totally relax!

Melissa B.
Amazing!!! Such a good time! Super relaxing and tons of laughs! You ladies do a great job! We will for sure be back!!!!

This was an awesome experience!! Definitely doing this again!

Gwen F.
What a fun time!! Just loved the yoga and GOATS!! Smiled ear to ear!

Robyn P.
This was a fun/ hilarious way to spend a Friday evening.

Dane H.
This was SO much fun! This was my first attempt at yoga, and I had a blast.

Kaycie W.
Loved it! The goats are so sweet and the yoga is great. Highly recommend!

Lori H.
Love Love Love this program! I had an excellent time.

Christine M.
Love it !! Totally addicted !!! Can’t stop talking about it!

Jodie E.
Is there anything better to do in this world?? NO!! This was amazing!!

Erika P.
Seriously the best time ever!! For reals!!

Katarina P.
I am going back as soon as possible!! I hope the classes arent already sold out!

Casey M.
I had a blast with my kids!! Best experience ever!!

Tina P.
The goats were so friendly and loved jumping on our backs!! It felt like a deep tissue massage.

Adena P.
I came here with my girl friends and we had such a good time!! Great bonding experience.

Lauren S.
I really enjoyed the Acro Yoga with my friends. We made pyramids and they put a goat on our back!! Took me back to my childhood (the pyramids part not the goat part). Thank you Arizona Goat Yoga!!

Amanda R.
Definitely coming baaaack!!

Kyrsten R.
My friend told me about this place and it was even better than I could have imagined!!

Andy P.
My GF talked me into coming but I am glad I did. Great (and cheap) date night.

Marie C.
The goat loves me… Im pretty sure of it! Great experience.

Jackie S.

Demetra P.
The goats are so so so sooooo cute!! The yoga is good to.

Jennifer P.
I will never do yoga the same again!! you have opened my eyes!!

Kristin M.
5 stars it was the best!! Im bringing more friends next time!

Steele C.
I was skeptical but this really was a lot of fun!

Peter N.
Way to put AZ on the map!! Top 10 things to do in Arizona… Grand Canyon, Goat yoga… nothing else matters.

Liv B.
I had such a good time playing (doing yoga) with the goats!!

Trevor S.
I will never be the same. Goat Yoga was the coolest.

Christina Q.
Brought my friends with me and we did a lot of fun yoga together (with goats). had a blast!!

Stephanie R.
My BF and I had a total blast… he wasn’t sure at first but now said he wants to go with me again!! Maybe I can get him to marry me now.

Jackie S.
I cried.. I actually cried of pure Joy. Really was the best day of my life.

JoAnn C.
We had a blast! I would recommend it to anyone!! What a fun day!! Thank you!!

Ellie E.
SO MUCH JOY!!! It is the perfect way to brighten your day, and I appreciate how much these goats are loved and cared for! The yoga was fun, too!

Chrissy M.
Total blast! Can’t wait to go again! Great goats , people too and fun atmosphere

Alanna H.
We had the best time at Goat Yoga! The goats were so fun. Thanks for making our Friday enjoyable!!

Krissy M.
OMG! First off, Goat Yoga is AMAZING! If you know yoga- its a plus, but not necessarily needed. They do great job ensuring that everyone gets time with the goats. there is a bunch of babies right now too!! I would totally recomenned you go and experience this joy! Super Fun!! #AZGOATYOGA enjoyable!!

Lindsey J.
Awesome experience! Everyone needs to try this at least once, but I don’t think once will be enough!

Jamie L
It was fun and the instructor was hilarious. They made sure each person received time with the goats.

Jillian M.
This was a total blast! My daughter had the best time too! 🐐🐐🐐

Susann L.
So much fun!! Highly recommend!! Bring friends and have a blast!!

Alicia K.
What a fun and unique experience! I will go again!

Katie B.
Absolutely a fantastic experience! I already purchased my ticket for my next class. I had so much fun.

Pamela T.
So much fun. Super sweet goats and people:) Nice facility. T-shirts to purchase.

Victoria V.
Soooo much fun!!!! Went with a few girlfriends. The goats are precious!!!

Rindy F.
Best way to spend a Saturday morning! The staff was helpful, and the goats were adorable!

Jamie C.
It was awesome, we loved it! The goats were so sweet and the yoga was fun.

Karla S.
Absolutely the most fun experience Ever!!

Julie S.
We went to goat yoga today and had such a fantastic time! #ellen#lulu

Kristin M.
I had such a great time! So much fun! Good medicine. The instructor has great energy😍🐐

Kim R.
So much fun!!!!! Pure joy! I would do again for sure!!

Brittany K.
LOVE! Definitely will be coming back for another class!

Destry B.

Judy L.
This was the best time ever!! Thanks guys!!

Romina R.
I cant get enough of those goats!! Everyone was so fun!

Elizabeth R.
I dont do yoga but now I just might start!! Hope every class is this fun!!

Jen H.
We drove over an hour just for goat yoga and it was WORTH IT!

Nicole M.
Yoga alone is ok… but add GOATS and it is AMAZING!!

Olivia G.
I could not get enough! The staff and everyone in the class were so happy! Including the goats!! Hope you get on Ellen!

Jennifer W.
I had a GOAT EXPERIENCE!! Coming baaaack for sure!!

Samantha S.
This was worth the drive!! Came here all the way from California!

Lisa K.
The goats were so cute all dressed up. I went to the Goat Yoga RAVE and it was so fun!

Jenny R.
I cant wait to come back!! I want to sign up for Every class!

Amy G.
This has been the best experience of my life! I LOVE Goat Yoga!