Arizona Goat Yoga Classes

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baby goat in pink yoga tutu and unicorn horn looking at camera

Goat Yoga Classes are Located in Beautiful Gilbert, Arizona, Within the Phoenix Metro Area

Welcome Home Ranch

26601 S. Val Vista Dr, Gilbert, AZ 85298

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To avoid wait-lists, We only book classes one month in advance. New schedules come out on the 15th.

Drop-in price is $20- Call for availability. Most questions are answered in our FAQ

Arizona Goat Yoga is held in a large open field, allowing individuals, or small groups, to have their own personal space. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public area where people are present. By attending an Arizona Goat Yoga class, you assume all risks and responsibilities associated, and agree to all terms and conditions listed in the Liability Waiver.


80’s Baby Goat Yoga-6:30pm

Grab your neon, style that big hair and join the goats and alpacas in a totally awesome goat yoga class!   Goat yoga is held in a big open field so that everyone can have personal space with their group. Goats will jump on you and go under you  throughout class and alpacas will silently judge …

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Hawaiian Baby Goat Yoga-6:30pm

Goat Yoga Luau!  Alpacas and goats dressed in leis and beach attire at the funniest yoga class you’ve ever been to!  Goat yoga is held in a big open field so that everyone can have personal space with their group.  It is shady as the sun sets making goat yoga not too hot!  Goats will …

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Christmas in July Baby Goat Yoga

Pretend like its Christmas with goats dressed as reindeer, elves and even Santa goat!  These specially trained yoga goats will interact with you throughout the entire class!  Class is suitable for all levels. Goat yoga is done in a grassy field and its not that hot after the sun sets.  People pay good money for …

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 By purchasing a ticket, you are one step closer to enjoying the best day of your life! As the original creators of Goat Yoga, we are constantly coming up with new fun ideas.  We are among the top 10 things to do in Arizona, only 25 minutes from the Phoenix PHX Sky Harbor airport, and make a fantastic tourist destination for people all over the country- and even the world! Goat Yoga is fun and interactive alone, and with a friend(s)! So invite someone you would like to go with!… Or, better yet, Surprise them! Arizona Goat Yoga Swag makes the perfect gift! We sell Gift Certificates, T-Shirts, Tank Tops, and Stickers. In addition, AGY makes an awesome inexpensive date; Fun birthday parties; Unique Prom-posals, and memorable Bachelorette Parties, Fundraisers, Office Parties, Reunions, and much much more! Get Creative. We were the first to bring Cow Cuddling and Alpaca Yoga to the United States, and have incorporated it into our sessions. (Alpaca yoga is basically where the Alpacas stand in the middle and silently judge you) but they make an amazing photo booth! We frequently invite special guests, such as, the Flemish Bunnies, Horses, Ponies, Donkeys, Hedgehogs, and even SANTA to join our class! Arizona Goat Yoga will brighten your day, and bring a smile to your face! All of our goats double as Therapy Emotional Support Animals. Where else can you get Therapy for $15? Come take a class! We guarantee a goat experience! 

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