I Love Goat Yoga

Sarah in a plaid shirt holding a baby goat with yoga
April Gould in gray shirt holding a baby yoga goat

Where did Goat Yoga Originate? What is goat yoga? Goat Yoga originated in Gilbert Arizona, 2015. April was using her goats as training partners for a national television show.April put the goats on her back for added weight, while performing various exercises and yoga poses. the goats soon became trained to jump on her back on command. Thus goat yoga was born.

Sarah, certified yoga instructor, coincidentally was working on her own type of unique workout. Yoga was  becoming more popular with props in general, so she started Paddle‐board yoga. Paddle board becames too cold for paddle‐boards, so Yogi Instructor, Sarah Williams and Goat Whisperer, Apri Gould, decided to combine their two passions and created Goat Yoga! What first started out as a small‐ 8 person class of Goat Yoga/ Boot Camp, has evolved into weekly sold out classes of 150 participants and waiting lists full of goat‐loving yogis! – paddle-board Yoga.
Creatively thinking of new props for yoga, and knowing April had
extraordinary acrobatic goats, Sarah came up with the idea, and the concept of combing yoga with goats naturally came to be.

Goat Yoga is just as it sounds… Yoga with goats www.goatyoga.com
You may have seen it pop up on the internet and wondered if it was actually a real thing… well, it
actually is! We pride ourselves in bringing diverse communities together!! It has exploded in popularity,
every February, Goat Yogi’s around the nation get together and celebrate this special month.
Goat Yoga is the newest fitness craze to hit the country! First off, it is so much fun! All you hear is
laughter the whole time! Second, it brings every diverse community together! Goat Yoga is for
EVERYONE!! Goats dont judge, Goats just Love! Third, Goat Yoga is good for yogi’s and the goats! Yoga
Goats love yoga! Goats love the attention and human interaction, and likewise yogi’s love the feel of
doing different and new types of yoga in a field surrounded by nature. It is healing for the mind, body,
and spirit.

What are the health benifits of goat yoga?  Why is goat yoga good for you? Goat yoga is not only fun, but it is also beneficial to your health and well being. Unlike traditional yoga, Goat Yoga is performed in a field- with adorable baby goats, fresh air, green grass, beautiful mountains, and all the other positive energies of nature. It is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our goats are extremely therapeutic, and specially trained to jump and run across your backs- so how fun is that?!

Goat yoga is different than regular yoga because there are specially trained yoga goats that interact with you throughout the entire class! Some people think this might be distracting to a yoga practice but it actually  engages the people more! People often get bored in yoga but when you add baby goats in costume, it makes it much more fun & engaging.  Goat yoga is done in a pasture. It is a non-intimidating environment, where  people from all walks of life join in the fun.   One of our sayings at Arizona Goat Yoga is “goats don’t judge goats just love!”  Some people don’t like people but they like animals, this gets them out socializing & meeting people. 

The goats jump on people’s poses, go under them & are friendly! Goats are normally very skittish animals, we work with the goats everyday to make sure they are friendly & not dangerous to anyone. We guarantee multiple goat experiences throughout the entire class!  People hold the goats, take pictures with the goats, and do yoga with goats. We also have alpacas and a cow named Maisy that they can cuddle with. Animals make yoga so much more interesting. They are emotional support animals and they help people feel calm and relaxed They can increase the intensity of their work out by putting a goat on their plank!  

Since the first Goat Yoga started in Arizona, it has grown all across the United States and all across the world! You can find goat yoga pictures and goat yoga videos all over the internet. We offer yoga in Gilbert Arizona, but if you are not near goat yoga Arizona,  which in our openion is the best goat yoga- but we may be a little bias lol- then you may ask, what are where is goat yoga near me? or where are goat yoga events? or even where can I play with goats near me? Where can I play with baby goats? Some top internet searches are  what are fun things to do, what are unique things to do? where can you do goat yoga, or rather, you may ask, Where can I do yogat yoga? The answer is there is a goat yoga everywhere. There is a goat yoga Nashville, goat yoga Texas, goat yoga chicago, goat yoga in the bay area, Goat yoga California, Goat Yoga Tenssee, goat yoga Brentwood, Shenanigoats, goat yoga San Fransico, Goat Yoga Miami, goat yoga Oregon, goat yoga Utah, goat yoga Flordia, Goat Yoga New York, goat yoga Tennessee, And many other places where you can find goat yoga and goga baby goat yoga. Although Arizona goat yoga and we cover across all of arizona- goat yoga gilbert goat yoga chandler goat yoga Phoenix goat yoga Phx Goat Yoga Scottsdale, We are the largest goat yoga around Arizona. What does goat yoga cost? Suprisingly, we are the cheapest goat yoga anywhere at $15 a person. We want to make it affordable to everyone so they can have a goat yoga experience. Because of that, we are among the top 10 things to do in arizona and, of course, the top 10 yoga experiences in Gilbert Arizona. that being said, we do not offer a goat yoga Arizona coupon code or coupon codes unless yo use a gift certificate to goat yoga. We started incorporating alpaca yoga, horse yoga, and cow cuddling or cow yoga. we basically do all types of yoga.

April Gould trained baby goats, and taught them to jump on her for excersize and various posesfor the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior. She became the “Goat Whisperer” as seen in this IMDB

This last 2018 event, Arizona Goat Yoga became record holders in the Guinness Book of World Records for achieving the “Fastest [Yoga] Goat to run across a human tunnel”, [page 77 of the 2019 Guinness Book of Records]. This last February, 23, 2019, in the Mesa Amphitheater, we are going to be achieving the “Largest Goat Yoga Class” with all Goat Yogi’s who wish to attend. We are having judges from Guinness, Mesa Mayor, Arizona Governor Ducey, and hundreds other participants, media, and spectators. We are wanting to spread more awareness to “National Goat Yoga Month” in front ofthousands of people and media during our Guinness World Record for “The Largest Goat Yoga Class”