Why Arizona Goat Yoga?

What Makes Arizona Goat Yoga Special?

You may have asked yourself, Who was the first goat yoga? How did goat yoga start? Where did all these crazy ideas come from?

By now, I’m sure you may have heard of “Goat Yoga”, but did you know Arizona Goat Yoga was the FIRST goat yoga to come up with all the original fun new ideas you see all over the internet? Before the pure bliss of Arizona Goat Yoga, Goats just roamed around in a field- Where is the fun in that? Certainly not fun for the goats! That’s when we decided to step it up and get the goats involved! We found the more that we were involving the goats, the more they were loving the attention they were receiving. I’ve had goats for 15 years, so I always knew goats had huge personalities- but their happiness physically grew exponentially. They are actually lonely when no one is around and they are left to graze in the pasture alone (you know, like how normal goats do). I feel like all goats are little kids trapped in a goat body, just waiting for someone to play with them and rescue them from boredom. I mean, isn’t that why they call them “Kids”? I actually now genuinely feel bad for normal goats. I wish I could save them all. I can’t speak for all goats, but this is certainly how ours are. I quickly realized, it was not only therapeutic for the humans, but for my beloved goats as well.

Arizona Goat Yoga was the absolute first goat yoga to train goats to jump on the backs and interact with humans on command! Because our goats LOVED the human interaction and positive attention they were receiving… we kept coming up with new ideas. It’s as though the goats could feel the radiation of happiness and laughter. We we started dressing them in adorable costumes. We found that they actually loved this and almost came alive! They even would pick our their own costumes! We have a goat named King, that is an introvert, but when he has his batman costume on, he smiles… literally smiles. Only in his batman costume though. As soon as we take it off. He lays on the ground in a corner away from all the other goats. We just continued to think of new ideas, from the direction and well being of our goats. We were the first to teach people acro yoga and train the goats to jump on different poses… Then we were the first to have them jump from back to back- and run across in a circle… Then we were the first to teach them to go under… The first to incorporate Alpacas, Cows Hedgehogs, Bunnies, Turtles and many more! It  and has continued to grow from there, and, as you know, it is now across the world.

Now that we are in our 4th generation of yoga goats, I can confidently say we have the best trained goats in the World. I would gladly challenge anyone who thinks otherwise… Seriously, bring on your goat!

“AGY” has been around for over 3 years, and in this time, we have tracked multiple visitors from all 50 states of the united states- true story. Many from all over the country flock in to do AZ Goat Yoga… and sometimes they come ONLY for Arizona Goat Yoga! We are proud to be among the top 10 tourist attractions and things to do in Arizona. From Canada to China, Germany to Australia, and everywhere in between! We have worked very hard to maintain the high status that AZ Goat Yoga holds. We are proud of our women owned business. We come up with creative new ideas in almost every class, so every class is unique in its own way. We are planning on sticking around for a long time, making this a tradition that you and your family or friends can enjoy for many years to come… and maybe even be able to “Re-create your photo in 20 years”! 

Goat Yoga Arizona has been know by many different names, and has traveled to several events around the State.  So weither it is “Goat yoga”, “Goga” or “Caprine Vinyasa” it is all the same to us! You can put just about different Arizona city’s before or after the name, like “Phoenix Goat Yoga” or “Goat Yoga PHX” or even cute “Baby GOGA”, but no matter what you call us… your’e probably right! So come on over to “Gilbert Goat Yoga”, “Mesa Goat Yoga”, or “Tucson Goat Yoga”… because all those roads, lead to us! So come check us out! We Guarantee a “Goat” Experience!

Some other DBA Tradenames you may know us by…

  • Goat Yoga
  • GOGA
  • Arizona Goat Yoga
  • Goat Yoga Arizona
  • Goat Yoga PHX
  • Goat Yoga Phoenix
  • AZ Goat Yoga
  • Baby GOGA 
  • Baby Goat Yoga
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