Goat Yoga News

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Yoga with goats is the newest fitness trend to hit the country! Thank you Arizona Goat Yoga!

I Love Goat Yoga

Where did Goat Yoga Originate? What is goat yoga? Goat Yoga originated in Gilbert Arizona, 2015. April was using her goats as training partners for a national television show.April put the goats on her back for added weight, while performing various exercises and yoga poses. the goats soon became trained to jump on her back on …

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Our Inner Goat

Habits by Ari Yeganeh Picture a massive elephant (or goat) with a rider on top trying to steer it where to go. The rider is our rational self; the elephant our emotional self. Me: Hey big guy, do you want to go to the gym tonight and get some exercise? Elephant: *angry stumping* Me: What …

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Goat Yoga Massage

Thai Massage; a way to achieve ultimate body relaxation Thai Yoga Bodywork is a distinctive and special kind of curative massage which works best for pain in joints, stress reliever, pain healer, relaxes muscles, make muscles smoother for working. It not only affects the body itself but also affects the overall energy of the body. …

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