The Origins of Goat Yoga: How It All Began in Gilbert, Arizona

Goat yoga has taken the world by storm, offering a refreshing twist on traditional yoga practices. Originating in Gilbert, Arizona, this unique and charming form of yoga brings together the benefits of mindful movement and the therapeutic presence of goats. In this article, we will delve into the captivating story of how goat yoga started in Gilbert and spread its hoofprints across the globe.

the original Goat Yoga creators and owners April Gould and Sarah Williams each hugging alpacas with garland and flowers around the alpacas neck in a wedding atmosphere smiling in gilbert Arizona.
April Gould and Sarah Williams Co-Owners Arizona Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga Brainchild of April Gould and Sarah Williams:

In 2015, two passionate individuals named April Gould and Sarah Williams joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind yoga experience. April, a goat owner, and Sarah, an avid yogi, recognized the potential synergy between yoga and the playful nature of goats. They harnessed their shared passions and launched the concept of goat yoga in Gilbert, Arizona.

Why Combine Goats and Yoga?

The idea behind goat yoga was simple yet ingenious. Gould and Williams believed that incorporating goats into yoga sessions could enhance the therapeutic and stress-relieving benefits of the practice. Goats, with their innate curiosity, gentle nature, and mischievous antics, created a calming and joyful ambiance that resonated with practitioners.

Goat Yoga Started in Gilbert Arizona:

Gould and Williams began offering goat yoga classes on a small scale in Gilbert. These sessions took place in serene outdoor settings, enabling participants to connect with nature while embracing the interactive presence of goats. The Gilbert community quickly embraced the concept, with individuals seeking a break from traditional yoga studios and yearning for a more immersive and delightful experience.

The First Goat yoga:

News outlets caught wind of this quirky fusion of yoga and goats, and the concept garnered significant media attention. Gilbert’s goat yoga became a viral sensation on social media platforms, further fueling its popularity. The charm of practicing yoga with adorable and friendly goats was irresistible, capturing the hearts and imaginations of people worldwide.

The Global Goat Yoga Movement:

Following Gilbert’s success, goat yoga classes began to sprout in various locations across the United States and eventually worldwide. Instructors put their own unique spins on the practice, adding personal touches to create unforgettable experiences. From urban centers to countryside retreats, goat yoga classes offer participants a chance to indulge in yoga, connect with animals, and tap into their inner peace and joy.


The roots of goat yoga can be traced back to Gilbert, Arizona, where April Gould and Sarah Williams ingeniously combined their love for goats and yoga. What began as a local experiment in Gilbert quickly spread like wildfire, captivating the hearts of yoga enthusiasts worldwide. Goat yoga embodies the perfect blend of mindfulness, physical movement, and the therapeutic presence of animals. So, if you’re looking to embark on a memorable and joyful yoga journey, consider joining a goat yoga class and experience the magic that started it all in Gilbert.