The First Goat Yoga

When was the first Goat Yoga? Well, that depends. When you think about “Goat Yoga” what comes to your mind? Do you think about doing yoga with goats grazing around you? Or do you think about specially trained yoga goats interacting, jumping, and doing yoga WITH you. If its simply goats walking around during downward dog, then you can go anywhere for that. Just find a field of goats. Yoga in a goat field can be traced back to thousands of years. Arizona Goat Yoga is different! We were the first Goat Yoga to actually have specially TRAINED circus-type yoga goats who interact, jump, and love on you during yoga. It takes a special goat with hours of training and specific breeding to perform on command. Baby goats naturally love to jump and play and get a lot of attention while they are “cute” (that is why you see all the cute “baby goat” videos) but as they grow, they lose their spunk are regarded more as “farm animals”. They are left alone with their herd in a pasture, waiting to be milked or eaten. They are instinctively skittish. After 8 months old they see everything as a threat, and stop trusting humans. At Arizona Goat Yoga, these Goats are our beloved pets. They all have names, individual personalities, and their own story. At Arizona Goat Yoga, you will see all ages of goats, because we think they are ALL cute, not just the little ones. The adult goats love to jump and play and love on you just as much as the kids. We have been teaching with love and positive reinforcement for 15 years. In 2015, we started specifically training them to jump on our backs. This continued to snowball into Arizona Goat Yoga. So when you think about goat yoga, what comes to your mind?