Meet Bugsey

My name is Bugsy Wugsy Baby Banana Boo. I am a Goat Yoga house goat. My people are pretty cool. I get to sleep inside at night, I get fed a bunch, and at goat yoga, I get to feel just like my human mommy and wear cloths. My favorite color is yellow, but it’s ok that there are almost no cloths in my favorite color. Sometimes, I like to sleep in someone’s arms. They think is adorable, but I am really just tired. At home, me and my mommy go to the park. Some people are there, too, and they love me. In the daytime, me and mommy go to the park, play outside, sleep, and eat. Sometimes, we do my favorite thing…GOAT YOGA! At Arizona goat yoga, I jump on people’s backs. They like it and say “This is the best day of my life!” or “It feels like a back massage!” I just like making them happy. It makes me feel happy, which makes my friends feel happy. Before I know it, everyone is happy. When goat yoga is over and the sun goes down, I am a very tired baby. My humans put me in a box with nice soft woodchips in it, and they read me a story. Every night, they read me the same book, but I don’t mind. It’s the thought that counts. I have a stuffed animal that I named Tiger, and every night, one of my people puts him next to me so that I have a sleeping buddy, even though I tell them that I am too old for stuffed animals. The life of a little baby goat like me is hard, because I have to make people happy all the time, but, at the end of the day, it is worth it to see people smile… just check out all their smiles at . Sign up for classes at