Goat Yoga Near Me: Spreading Like Wildflower’s

Where is Goat Yoga?

If you are looking to try out the very first Goat Yoga, check out Arizona Goat Yoga! AGY was created in 2015, on a little farm in Gilbert Arizona. This is where goats were taught to jump and run across peoples back in cute tutus and other costumes. Arizona Goat Yoga then started to incorporate Acrobatic yoga poses, as the airplane, Wheel, backbend, pyramid, and all others you see today. Goat Yoga was founded by long time friends April Gould and Sarah Williams. April had over 40 goats on her goat farm and Sarah taught yoga. Enjoy the tranquil desert surroundings as you practice yoga poses, accompanied by the playful antics of friendly goats. Phoenix and Scottsdale’s year-round ideal climate and picturesque landscapes create an idyllic setting for your goat yoga adventure.

9 people in a downward dog yoga pose pyramid with a baby goat on the top of them in the Arizona sunset.
First Goat Yoga class in Arizona

Goat yoga has taken the world by storm, offering a unique blend of yoga practice and playful interactions with adorable goats. This delightful fusion provides participants with a chance to experience the therapeutic benefits of yoga amidst the joyful presence of these lovable animals. Goat Yoga has since spread from goat yoga’s original home town in Gilbert, Arizona, to other cities and states such as Virginia, Texas, Frederick Maryland, Washington DC, Denver Colorado, Nashville TN, Orlando FL, Dallas, Houston Texas, Illinois, Michigan, and New York.

The roots of goat yoga can be traced back to Gilbert, Arizona, where April Gould and Sarah Williams ingeniously combined their love for goats and yoga. What began as a local experiment in Gilbert quickly spread like wildfire, captivating the hearts of yoga enthusiasts worldwide. Goat yoga embodies the perfect blend of mindfulness, physical movement, and the therapeutic presence of animals. So, if you’re looking to embark on a memorable and joyful yoga journey, consider joining a goat yoga class and experience the magic that started it all in Gilbert.