Picking up Trash while Jogging, Plogging

Arizona Goat Yoga has teamed up with Natural Restorations to offer PLOGGING!

What is Plogging?  Picking up trash while jogging!  This exercise-eco-friendly activity started in Sweden and has spread across the world!  With increased concerns about pollution, people everywhere are making their workouts good for the Earths health too! Instead of cursing trash as you jog by it, why not pick it up?! Its like a treasure hunt every time you head out. The action of picking up trash stretches the back, hamstrings and calves. Its multitasking at its best!

Why is Goat Yoga involved?  Plogging connects you with nature.  Plogging locations have wildlife that can be harmed by the trash people leave behind.  Just like in a Goat Yoga class, spending time in nature improves your heart rate, blood pressure, cortisol and even our immune systems. Its a fun way to Save The Earth and get a workout!  Goats even come sometimes!

What is Natural Restorations?  Natural Restorations is a non-profit organization recognized by the US Forest Service for their efforts in trash clean-up in Arizona, over 245 tons!  They provide trash grabbers, snacks, gloves and trash bags. Goat Yogis join Natural Restorations Events and GET OUR PLOGGING ON!   Bring your sweatbands and energy, we’ll pick up as much trash as we can while we jog!   Natural Restorations welcomes tax deductible donations for the events.

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