GoatYoga.com Established 2015

Welcome to Arizona Goat Yoga

The world is an amazing place! We ALL want to be happy. Imagine over 100 people from all walks of life. Joining in a Kumbaya circle. Shoulder to shoulder in unison and harmony. Not knowing. Not expecting… but Suddenly, Somehow… You feel a special kind of crazy bond to the guy next to you, the kid in front of you, and everyone smiling, and laughing, all around you. That’s the power of Arizona Goat Yoga.

What Makes Arizona Goat Yoga different?

There are now several goat yoga’s popping up all around the country, so what makes the one in Arizona different? Arizona Goat Yoga, LLC was the first to have certified trained yoga goats. Co-owner April Gould started teaching her goats to do yoga, and various exercises, for a feature on NBC’s hit TV show- American Ninja Warrior, 2015. This quirky concept exploded into the “Goat Yoga Craze,” we now see today, and remains the largest, longest-running Goat Yoga in the world. We enjoy bringing communities together and Guarantee a Goat Experience! Co-Owner and long time yogi instructor, Sarah Williams, doubles as an improv-comedian, and will keep you belly-laughing throughout the whole session…that is, if circus goats in tutu’s dont crack your smile first! Goat Yoga is for anyone and everyone. You can always feel welcome at Arizona Goat Yoga. Goats dont judge, Goats just love… So what are you waiting for? Come laugh with us! Sign Up Today!

Our Mission Statement

We are passionate about spreading joy and love throughout all different and diverse communities. With fun, enjoyment, and the healing power of laughter of Yoga…with Goats.

“My daughter and I did Arizona Goat Yoga for the 3rd time on Saturday night and we brought my mom (who was visiting from California). We all loved it! It’s always a fun time. Plenty of goat cuddles and fun yoga moves, too! Thank you for providing our community with such a special experience!” ~ Christina B ~
“Loved “Goat Yoga PJ Party” last night! I also love that everyone who works/volunteers here are happy and pleasant people who clearly love what they do. They also ensured that each of their guests had their own personal goat experience, which was pretty fantastic.” ~Heather V ~
“OMG (goat)!!! We had so much fun…This has been an experience of a lifetime! Even though I’m not in shape enough to do some of the yoga…this is so worth it. I felt the stress just melt away with the fun staff and the sweet babies. It really was the best day of my life!!! I’ll definitely be back!!!” ~ Tamara A ~
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