We all want to be happy

Imagine over 100 people from all walks of life. Joining in a Kumbaya circle. Shoulder to shoulder in unison and harmony. 

Feeling the positive energy of nature- Fresh air. Green grass.

Then enters, the stars of the show. Adorable baby goats parading in rainbow tutus, prancing around your feet, and running across your back.

Suddenly, the world stops. Not knowing. Not expecting… but somehow, you feel a special kind of crazy bond to the guy next to you, the kid in front of you, and everyone smiling and laughing all around you.

This is our vision. This is your experience. That’s the power of Arizona Goat Yoga.

As the Original Creators of Modern Goat Yoga, we are continually thinking of new ways to out-do ourselves. You can be assured that no two classes are alike- or like anything you have ever done before!

Our mission is simple: Make people happy, while bringing diverse communities together.

How did Goat yoga come to be?

Goat Yoga planted seeds February 2015, when April became publicly known on the national television show American ninja warrior. April used her goats as training partners, putting them on her back for added weight, while performing various exercises with them. ANW dubbed her as the Goat Whisperer and roots began to grow.

Sarah, certified yoga instructor, coincidentally was working on her own type of unique workout routine and started a successful Paddleboard Yoga business. Wanting to do something different during the cooler winter months, and knowing April had extraordinary acrobatic goats, the concept of combing yoga with goats naturally came to be- and Arizona Goat Yoga was born!

GoatYoga.com was created in 2015, and has continued to grow across the United States and surrounding countries. Arizona Goat Yoga, was the first of its kind, and is now among the top 10 things to do in Arizona, Ranked #1 in the United States, and has become immortalized twice in the Guinness book of World Records for having the Fastest {yoga} Goat to Run Across a Human Tunnel, and, “Largest Goat Yoga Class”

We take pride in our women owned business and are continuously growing and creating original new ideas. We love bringing communities together. Goat Yoga is for Everyone! “Goats don’t judge, goats just love.” We guarantee a “Goat Experience!”…So what are you waiting for?  Sign Up Today!

Mission Statement

“We are passionate about spreading love, peace and joy throughout diverse communities- by the entertaining enjoyment, and healing power of laughter one can only experience at Arizona Goat Yoga!”

“My daughter and I did Arizona Goat Yoga, or as she likes to say, "goga goga goga" for the 3rd time on Saturday night and we brought my mom (who was visiting from California). We all loved it! It’s always a fun time. Plenty of goat cuddles and fun yoga moves, too! Thank you for providing our community with such a special experience!” ~ Christina B ~
“Loved “Goat Yoga PJ Party” last night! I also love that everyone who works/volunteers here are happy and pleasant people who clearly love what they do. They also ensured that each of their guests had their own personal goat experience, which was pretty fantastic.” ~Heather V ~
“OMG (goga)!!! We had so much fun…This has been an experience of a lifetime! Even though I’m not in shape enough to do some of the yoga…this is so worth it. I felt the stress just melt away with the fun staff and the sweet babies. It really was the best day of my life!!! I’ll definitely be back!!!” ~ Tamara A ~
super cute goat yoga

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