The Original Goat Yoga

Arizona Goat Yoga is the longest running and most entertaining Goat Yoga in history!  Award winning goats and alpacas, featured on Americas Got Talent, will interact with you throughout the entire class. This is the only pet show you are a part of. After all, YOU are their obstacles and the goats love it!

  • Among the top 10 things to do in Arizona
  • Voted “Best of Phoenix” from Arizona New Times 8 years in a row
  • Immortalized twice in The Guinness Book of World Records
  • And, oh yeah. . . WE STARTED IT!

Come for the yoga, “baa-maste” for the goats

Baby goats in pajamas on 10 pretty girls in tutus doing a cheerleading pyramid on top of each other at the first goat yoga class in Gilbert Arizona with Sunset and mountains in the background in the month of February 2015
"This is the Best day of my life!"- Everyone at Goat Yoga
4 cute girls kissing a camel during an original baby goat yoga class in Gilbert Arizona, that started in 2015 by friends April Gould and Sarah Williams from the amazing race as well as American ninja warrior competitors.

What We Offer

We are continually thinking of new ways to outdo ourselves. You can be assured that no two classes are alike. . . nor like anything you have ever done before! Experience where new ideas happen first—at Arizona Goat Yoga.

  • Themed classes
  • Trained yoga goats
  • Alpaca photo booths
  • Cow cuddling
  • Special animal guests
a happy African American man at the first goat yoga in Gilbert Arizona smiling while holding a black and white baby goat with a party rainbow unicorn horn on his head looking at the original creators, April Gould and Sarah Williams who started goat yoga in 2015.

We Guarantee a GOAT Experience

We all want to be happy. Imagine people from all walks of life, joining together in unison and harmony, feeling the positive energy of nature—fresh air, green grass. Then enter the stars of the show: adorable baby goats parading in rainbow tutus, prancing around your feet, and running across your back.

Suddenly, the world stops. Not knowing why, not expecting. . . but somehow, you feel a special kind of crazy bond to the person next to you, the kid in front of you, and everyone smiling and laughing all around you.

This is our vision. This is your experience. That’s the power of Arizona Goat yoga.-

You could say we “goat” around

As seen on TV! Arizona Goat Yoga has been featured on several television shows and various forms of media throughout the country. We are fortunate for these opportunities, however, our favorite referrals come from the thousands of new friends, we get to meet each year. . . welcome friend.
baby goat in a red tutu jumping from back to back as cute girls are on their hands and knees next to each during the first Arizona Goat Yoga class in gilbert Arizona 2015 with April Gould and Sarah Williams in the background

What is Goat Yoga?

Goat Yoga, simply put, is Yoga with Goats- but its actually much more than that. Here at Arizona Goat Yoga, we dont have any ordinary goats, we have legit specially trained yoga goats. These goats and alpacas were featured on Americas Got Talent, and actually WON Nickelodeon’s talent show, “Unleashed”. They are trained to jump, go under, and interact, snuggle, and play with you during basic yoga poses the entire time. . . and they love it! This is the only pet show you are a part of! YOU are their obstacles! You might be handed a fish to throw to a Sea Lion, but they dont let you in with the Sea Lion. Here at Arizona Goat Yoga, we do! So dive on in at see what all your friends are talking about!

How did Goat Yoga start?

Goat Yoga started in 2015, in Gilbert Arizona! April Gould was featured as Arizona’s famous goat farmer on American Ninja Warrior, competing on  season 7 and 9. She used her goats as training partners by putting them on her back during various exercises and yoga poses. At the same time, Sarah Williams was teaching paddleboard yoga and wanted to do something different during the cooler months. Knowing April had extraordinary acrobatic goats, the concept of combining yoga with goats naturally came to be. We since have been on other television shows, such as The Amazing Race, spreading goat yoga across the world. We have enjoyed watching goat yoga grow in popularity and inspire others to spread joy and happiness through the love of goats. You can learn more about us here.

We just live by the motto: “There’s no such thing as a dumb idea”.

Two girls April Gould and Sarah Williams who are the original creators and first entrepreneurs of goat yoga leaning against a fence with a goat looking up at them wearing an I love goat yoga shirts in the Gilbert Arizona sunset 2015
a girls hand reaching out to the oscar meyer wiener mobile during a goat yoga class in Arizona

A sign from heaven

"My dad is currently dying and as a child we would always go to visit my moms parents in Madison, Wi. Me and my three siblings would have a contest growing up to see who saw the Weinermobile first. Because my dad is dying I have been asking my mom who has already passed to send me a sign. I asked her to send the Weinermobile because that is her sign. I have asked her every day for the last few weeks to send that sign so I would know she would be there to greet my dad when he dies. This morning I got your email for your goat yoga class. I signed up immediately. I hope I can get a picture with the mobile so I can tell my dad."
- Mary, Sacramento, CA

girlfriend and boyfriend doing an airplane pose with guys feet on girls waist and legs in the air with a baby goat on their back and an Arizona goat yoga sign in the background

A healing experience

"I wanted to tell you guys something I couldn't quite share on my review. Doing the goat yoga on Saturday meant more to me than you know. About 10 weeks ago, I took a bad fall off my bicycle (with a helmet). I landed in the hospital with some brain bleeding and a skull fracture. I couldn't teach for 3 weeks and still haven't been the same. Especially emotionally- I've been so depressed. But on Saturday, I felt like my old self. It was incredible- I couldn't stop laughing, smiling, and I nearly cried from feeling a glimpse of what I was like before my accident. Thank you ladies for what you do and all the work you put into training these Goat babies. It meant more to me than words can describe."
-Jenna, Scottsdale, AZ

boy and girl kissing while on hands and knees at Arizona Goat yoga class with two goats on each of their back

Love at first sight

"Goat Yoga connected me to the love of my life! My husband and I were set up on a blind date by my friend and her boyfriend at the time. We planned on going to Goat Yoga that next morning, but my friend suddenly felt ill and no longer could go. We decided to keep the date, even though we had never met. It was awkward at first, but the cute goats running around in costumes helped "break the ice". The instructor was so funny, and we couldnt stop laughing. We ended up having such a great time together, that we extended the date through that evening. We have been together ever since, and have gone back many times! Thank you Arizona Goat Yoga for such a fun first date!"
-Nicole and Jason, Phoenix, AZ

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