The Benefits of Goat Yoga and Animal-Focused Workouts

Animal-Focused Workouts

Written by Luke Douglas

We’ve always had an inextricable bond with animals of all kinds, and it’s no wonder that we keep finding
new ways to connect with these amazing creatures and spend more time with them in our lives. Now
that the world is plunged into a pandemic of immense proportions, with little to no social interaction in
the equation, we’ve come to value our four-legged companions more than ever. The introduction of
training with animals is far from a new concept, but it has become more useful and restorative to us
than ever before.
From goat yoga, swimming with dolphins, all the way to hiking with your pooch, the world is brimming
with workout opportunities to get active and spend time around fluffy lovelies such as alpacas, goats,
and dogs. If you’re not quite sure how this benefits your wellbeing, let’s go over a few core perks that
working out with animals along your side brings.
More time in nature
Although it’s perfectly possible to exercise indoors with goats, puppies, or kittens, why confine ourselves
to yet another indoor activity? Animals remind us of our connection with Mother Nature and animal-
focused activities such as goat yoga give us an extra reason to spend more time outside, in the fresh air,
away from the city crowds and chaotic traffic.
It keeps us away from the noise and air pollution and gives us an opportunity to heal inside and out.
Spending time outside and in nature has tremendous health benefits for us all, and animals will certainly
help us get our weekly dose of time in nature, free of the energy-draining impacts of modern life.
Elevate your mood and happiness
Among many different, short-term and long-term benefits of goat yoga, boosting your mood is one of
the simplest motivations to get you started in animal-focused workouts. Physical activities already have
the power to elevate the production of happy hormones in your body, but working out with animals
helps increase that potential, as well.
The time we spend with animals is known to reduce depression and anxiety, and it helps us be in the
moment instead of allowing all kinds of negative thoughts to occupy our minds at any given moment. In
a sense, goat yoga can have a meditative impact on your mind, allowing you to immerse yourself in all
the goodness of the stress-relieving effects of performing asanas with a cuddly companion.
Embrace the vegan lifestyle
Animal-focused workouts provide you with an insight into the gentle souls of various creatures, and they
often inspire people to consider going vegan or vegetarian. Eliminating meat and animal byproducts can
be a complex endeavor and a life-changing step, but these workouts have the power to entice people to
cause no more harm to animals, even through their dietary habits.
Fortunately, there are perfectly healthy vegan alternatives that can keep your menu animal-free and
nutrient-dense all the same. Thanks to advanced research, you can even find top-quality vegan protein
powder powder in order to ensure a wholesome diet and balanced macronutrient intake, but it also means
loving our fellow animals for their healing role in our lives. Animals show us that we can lead healthy

and full lives without treating them like a food source, but like the loving, caring companions that they
Motivation for getting active
Especially during these difficult times, we all need that extra nudge to get us off the couch and out of
the comfort of our Netflix binges. Knowing that, nothing makes you more inspired to leave the warmth
of your home than the pleading gaze of a pupper, combined with that tail-wiggle you cannot possibly
resist. Getting a pet means choosing to be a responsible owner, and that in turn means spending more
time being active so that your pet can be active, too.
Also, the simple allure of training in a field with baby goats is more than enough to get people out and
about. The idea alone brings a smile to our face, but even more so, exercising with animals in our
presence means that we reconnect with nature and we spend more time outside than usual, replacing a
stuffy gym with the open field, where social distancing is still possible while you cuddle with a friendly
Leaving your comfort zone
Have you ever thought of the idea that a goat calmly standing on your back can be a solid incentive to
hold that plank a little longer than usual? Animals, in addition to proving to be an endless source of joy
and laughter, also tend to give our workouts another layer of challenges. Improving your balance, your
posture, your strength can all be done with a little rascal of a goat casually nibbling at your ear, wouldn’t
you say?
Also, animals tend to push our boundaries every now and again, giving us ample opportunities to truly
abandon our comfort zones, face our fears, and elevate our mental, emotional, and physical endurance.
Perhaps you never thought about it, but rest assured that a noiseless dog fart can genuinely make your
workouts far more difficult than you’ve ever imagined!

Although exercise is in itself a source of joy and health for your life, you can elevate its impact by
switching to workouts that help you spend more time around cuddly, sociable creatures that will both
challenge you and make you laugh. Their presence in your life will certainly help you appreciate their
loving nature and healing powers, and hopefully, inspire you to lead a life based on love for all our
fellow creatures.

Luke is a lifestyle blogger. He is editor in chief at blog and one of the contributors at
blog Trans4Mind
He follows the trends in fitness, gym and healthy life and loves to share his knowledge through
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