How to Spring Clean Your Body and Mind

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It’s springtime which means flowers blooming, warmer weather and you guessed it – time to
declutter. And this cleansing doesn’t only apply to your living space. We’re also talking about
cleansing the body and mind. What’s a better time to start than now? Allow the negative vibes
and tension to leave your body – here are a few tips on how you can do a springtime self-cleanse.
1) Dump Out the Clutter – Online and Offline
It happens to the best of us – clutter. From the kitchen and living room to your closet and desk,
items start to pile up and spiral around your living space before you know it. A disorganized
space, usually as a result of clutter, leads to an inability to focus, and sometimes it can lead to
greater anxiety levels as well. When things start to pile up, they become visual distractions.
Take this time to thoroughly clean your space. Start with the larger general areas of your home,
such as the floors, furniture, etc. Then focus on smaller areas like your closet or desk and ask
yourself this whenever you pick up an item – do you see yourself using it in the near future? If
not, to the donation or garbage bin it goes.
Since our tech devices have become such a large part of our lives, you should also remove
unnecessary storage and data as well. Removing random photos and apps you no longer use will
create more space on your device. 
2) Release Tension with Yoga
According to many research studies, yoga provides a well-rounded set of mental and physical
health benefits. This ancient practice incorporates breathing exercises, full-body stretches, and
movements that ultimately relieve stress and lower anxiety. Say goodbye to bodily tension, and
hello to a healthy body and mind. To ensure extra comfort, always accompany any yoga session
with good yoga pants so that you can move more seamlessly during your exercise.
And things get even better. At Goat Yoga we offer the best of both worlds– the benefits of yoga
and animal therapy combined. While you can enjoy the relaxation from a nice yoga session when
you book a class, you’ll also be accompanied and entertained by adorable goat companions. With
classes out on open fields, there’s plenty of room for you to invite a friend. That’s why we offer
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3) Do a Technology Detox
A large portion of our lives revolve around technology – it’s almost impossible to completely
avoid. Constant use of our devices and social media inevitably leads to feelings of jealousy and
isolation when we see other people’s lives. And it’s also pretty hard to focus on the present
moment when your eyes are attached to a screen. Overall, using technology all the time can be
So here’s your springtime cleaning challenge – go one whole day without touching your devices.
Unplug from the noise and immerse yourself in activities you can do in the moment. Read a
book, go on a hike, or hang out with friends at a park! You’ll feel the mental clarity instantly.
4) Journal Your Negative Thoughts

Cleansing our minds means getting rid of every negative emotion and feeling. It means tossing
away bad thoughts that serves no good for us. But that’s sometimes easier said than done.
That’s why we recommend journaling as an outlet. Writing out every fear, self-doubting
thoughts, and feelings will lift a weight off your shoulders. Once you’ve put all those ideas into
words, you’ll no longer cling to those debilitating thoughts.
5) Go on a Sugar or Junk Food Detox
We all love a nice bowl of ice cream or a juicy burger from time to time. Obviously, these foods
have a lack of nutritional value but it’s hard not to indulge in these foods.
But as a part of our springtime cleanse, dedicate a portion of time where you cut these foods
from your diet completely. That could mean no junk food or sugar – it’s up to you. You can do it
for a week or more depending on how long you want it to last. During your detox, notice how
your body responds – see what it does to both your body and mind. Do you notice that you’re
more energetic? Do you mentally feel better? Cutting out bad foods also presents a creative
opportunity for you to find healthy alternatives.
This cleanse is meant for you to re-evaluate your own habits so that you can make the necessary
changes for a happier and more fulfilling life. And keep in mind this isn’t limited to a springtime
cleanse – you can do this whenever your body and mind are in much need of a detox.