Cage Free Goats!

Cage free goats… What does that mean? It means our goats are the happiest goats in the world! People often ask, “What happens to the goats when they are no longer “Cute?”. Our goats our our beloved pets, much like your dog may be yours. Questions like this seem  just as bazare as questions like “What happens to Fido when he is no longer a puppy?”

We think our goats are cute NO MATTER what their age. 

There is no retirement age for Arizona Goat Yoga Goats and we think they are always cute!  When our goats get too big to jump, we teach them to go under or around… Sometimes they may get excited and will still try to jump on you.

When I hear of other locations only bringing baby goats, it makes me question. Where did those goats come from? Where are their mothers? Why do they only have baby goats? Baby goats are innately spunky and adorable, however, baby goats are usually borrowed from Dairy Farms. We dont know exactly how they are cared for. Sadly these kids are taken away from their grieving mothers immediately after birth. As they grow, they are left to fend for themselves, strictly livestock  or discarded as meat. 

Our goats are first-world goats. It makes us sick that people would care for an animal only to butcher it. To me, people asking if we eat our goats, is just as absurd as asking if we are going to eat our pet dog or cat when they get bigger. Just wouldn’t do it. They are our Pets!. If you saw how much we love on these goats, it would make any pet goldfish jealous. I know many people have to eat livestock, but they certainly are not yoga goats. They have their own purpose. These goats, like I said, are our beloved pets and, much like a puppy, crave human attention!

Goat yoga has been proven to be therapeutic for yogis and goats alike. They get excited when its time for yoga and freely run into the trailer on their own. While not at class, we are spoiling them with love and affection, playing with them constantly, and teaching them new tricks through positive reinforcement. This assures their happiness and skill. Normally Goats are naturally skittish and are purely used as livestock. You would never be able to walk up to a goat grazing in a field and have it jump on your back. They most likely would not even let you get close to them- and run away in fear. Not our goats, our goats are the best goats in the entire world! (may be a little biased)

Yes our goats are special. Our goats are Cage Free Goats!