Connecting with your Spirituality through Goat Yoga

Identity, Belief, and Spirituality: Improving Spiritual Wellness with Small Changes

Wellness is a subjective matter that involves one’s values, sense of purpose and belief system, something you can strive for through physical and mental self-care strategies. One aspect of personal well-being that’s sometimes overlooked is spiritual wellness, which is an important factor in your overall health. Spiritual wellness can create harmony and bring deeper meaning to your life, equipping you to deal with misfortune and the unexpected. For some people, it’s about religion; for others, spiritual wellness is about feeling in sync with the universe. Either way, it can make a significant difference in your life and be achieved through relatively simple means.

Explore Your Spirituality

Finding out who you are as a spiritual person isn’t necessarily about figuring out what church you want to attend. It simply means figuring out what kind of person you are, why you think you’re here, why you believe what you believe, and what your purpose in life might be. This is a worthwhile exercise because it encourages you to look inside for answers to questions that can have a transformative effect on your life. It can also be helpful to seek deeper meaning in your life. And just because you can’t answer these important metaphysical questions right now doesn’t mean they won’t become clear later on.

Orderly Surroundings

Research has shown that living in dirty, disorganized surroundings exacerbates feelings of stress and makes it much harder to relax. Decluttering produces a relaxed feeling and the reassurance that all is well with your living space, which helps you think and focus your thoughts. You feel more self-confident, energized, motivated, and less tense and anxious. Feelings of spirituality come easier when you’re relaxed, at ease and feeling in harmony with your surroundings.

Hit the Road

Sometimes, seeing how other people live and what they value can broaden your personal perspective and help you grow spiritually. Or, consider traveling to a location known for its breathtaking natural beauty or for its spiritual significance. Communing with nature or contemplating the deeper meaning of an important event or person can bring you closer to achieving the spiritual wellness you desire.


Practice Yoga

Making a mind-body connection is key in achieving true spiritual wellness. Yoga, which you can do in classes or with animals through companies like Goat Yoga, is one of the best ways to make that connection while improving your mental and physical health. Yoga’s meditative discipline alleviates stress, improves muscle strength and flexibility, boosts your immune system, reduces blood pressure, and lessens emotional strains. With your mind calmed and a heightened awareness of your body, you are in a better place for making a spiritual connection.

Power of Positive Thinking

It’s hard to be open to a spiritual experience if your thinking is always in a dark, negative place. For one thing, it means you’re in conflict with yourself. Learning to think positively makes change possible, allowing you to reframe your perspective on the world, to embrace the power of acceptance, and to learn what spirituality means to you. Remember, if you’re positive and relaxed, you’re in a much better mindset for spiritual growth. If thinking positively comes hard for you, consider learning the discipline of meditation. It’s a way of connecting with your thoughts and feelings that fosters a strong mind/body connection. Many people find meditation to be a conduit to their spiritual nature.

Spiritual well-being is something that happens when your mind is clear, your emotions are under control, and your thoughts are focused and coherent. Achieving a mind-body connection is an important aspect of spiritual wellness, and can be achieved through yoga, meditation, positive thinking, and a general sense of personal well-being.