Ode to Goat… and their Nannies

4th Generation Yoga Goats

We are now welcoming our 4th generation of yoga goats! What does that mean to you? That means more snuggles, more interaction, and more fun!  When we started goat yoga 4 years ago, our goats were pretty awesome and used to human interaction already. That being said, it took a lot of work to train them on command. Our vision of goat yoga was to make the goats want to interact with you during yoga, not just walk around. Baby goats are cute on their own, and you can easily plop them on someones back, but they really need their moms to teach them what to do. We do not get rid of their moms. We think it is so sad when farms separate their babies from their mothers. We believe in keeping the family together. If you could peek outside my window at night, you would see generations of families all cuddling and laying on top of each other in groups. From afar, it looks like little piles of soft adorableness. All this love makes a the best yoga goat.

We train our baby goats, by training their mothers.

Babies learn everything from their mom. They are always watching their moms, and do not go far from their side for the first few months. Even when they do gain independence, they do not go far, and will re-group every night in their family huddles. Goats are herd animals and love their family. You could literally have one goat alone on the outside of a fence, and their family on the other, and they would not run away and take advantage of their new found freedom. This is because of their strong motherly bond they developed at a young age. A bonded goat is a happy goat. Happy goats make the best yoga goats.

All our goats are cute… even the BIG ones.

Unlike other farms that only keep the baby goats because they are “Cute”, we think all our goats are cute- no matter what their age!  Since they have their mothers to guide them, they learn to trust humans and are not skittish.They will walk up to you, lay down, and snuggle on their own. A snuggly goat makes the best yoga goat.

First-world goats.

Since we are now on our 4th generation of yoga goats, it is a normal part of their life. They don’t know any other way. I would say they are even a little entitled. Their mothers have taught them to jump from person to person and go under downward dog on command. They know when it is time for class and get so excited to run in the trailer. Some goats have their favorite costume, some want to be the star of the show. Some goats want to rein as “King of the hill”, and some just want to cuddle. They all have their different talents and personalities. A talented goat makes the best yoga goat… Thanks Mom!