12 Most Popular Attractions in Arizona to Visit and Have Fun!

Written by Kylie Jordan with EssayPro

12 Most Popular Attractions in Arizona to Visit and Have Fun!
(Including Goat Yoga)

While it’s without a doubt important to focus on your work, it’s also extremely helpful to know how to lay back and take a break from the studying process or endless tasks. Sometimes you just need something to take your mind off all the issues. To spare you the time and effort of looking for suitable activities, here’s a list of incredible and fun things you can do in Arizona.

Grand Canyon

Let’s begin with probably the most popular tourist attraction not only in Arizona but in the whole of the United States. Living in the states, you have no excuse to ignore the natural wonder while people from across the world travel thousands of miles to see it.

Hoover Dam

This one might not sound very exciting. But when you are there witnessing tons of concrete holding up against an enormous mass of water, you just can’t help but forget about the hardships of work, education, and other activities. One simply experiences a sudden wow-factor. This almost hundred years old dam has sneaked its way into literature and games for a good reason.The same reason you definitely should make the time by outsourcing the most pressing of your projects to a custom essay service and go witness this triumph of human technology over nature yourself. You will not regret any second of it.

Goat Yoga

And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, there is a way to get closer to mother nature in ways you never thought were possible. Goat yoga is one of those things where nothing should be said apart from the name itself. Compare the results with regular yoga, and you might just find yourself surprised.

Ghost Town

The state of Arizona is riddled with former mining towns, abandoned after the mines were exhausted. These ghost settlements are left standing, offering an atmosphere of the wild west and picturesque views to curious passersby. Spending a day exploring one of such towns will help any student to resurrect their will to study.

Top-Secret Military Installations

Museums may be boring but certainly not this one. Take a walk around the former classified military base, where the cutting edge missile was kept as a deterrent during the Cold War for over 20 years. The atmosphere of the place is something you have to experience yourself.

Something Mysterious

Throwing in an occasional wild card wouldn’t hurt. And the Thing is certainly a wild card. Something weird, unexpected, and surprising awaits the visitors. There’s nothing that can be said about it; you have to experience it for yourself, that’s the part of the fun. This attraction has confused and impressed thousands of tourists, will you be joining them? 

Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/question-mark-hand-drawn-solution-2123969/

Conquering the Sky

Scared of heights? Anxious when boarding a plane? Forget that nonsense. Face the freedom of being in the cockpit of a real sky fighter. Face off in a dogfight against another pilot with the help of an experienced instructor. This experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

source: https://pixabay.com/photos/aircraft-propeller-plane-propeller-67566/

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A ride in a hot air balloon is something many people think about, but few act on the urge. There is something otherworldly in soaring through the skies slowly and majestically. When the destination matter little compared to the journey itself, you can fully appreciate the view and the peace of the skies around you.

source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/silhouette-of-people-riding-hot-air-balloon-3027219/

Offroad Rally

Arizona is pretty much the perfect state to have some offroad fun. Few things get your adrenaline pumping better than plowing through sand and mud on your quad bike. Take the self-confidence boost and return to your regular life reinvigorated and full of energy.

Roosevelt Row Street Art

If you’re not up to anything overly active and physically demanding, you can always find something on a more passive side. Roosevelt Row in Phoenix houses hundreds of street art projects, studios, restaurants, and picturesque bars. Just walking through it exposes you to the wild whirlwind of imagination — a perfect place for a slow, meditative walk.

Salt River Tubing

In the desert climate, few activities have to do with water. But those few are fun! Grab your friends, get a tube, and take a two to five hours trip down the unpredictable currents of Salt River. It’s not every day you get to enjoy a picnic on the water.

Maya Pool Party

Under the scorching sun of Arizona, there are a couple of vital things students need after hard studying:

  • a refreshing pool;
  • some good company;
  •  loud music;
  • a few drinks – optionally and responsibly.

Maya nightclub has plenty of all of those. It is one of the most popular destinations for students all over the state. If you’re looking for a traditional college hang-out taken to the next level – you have just found it.

Final Words

There are many more ways to switch things up and forget for a moment about tedious work and all the deadlines. Don’t get hauled up in all the work. Change the environment, be brave, get out of your comfort zone, experiment. In between the stressful working weeks, you should always be able to find the time and relax to return to work eager and refreshed.