Be Closer to Nature: How to Spend More Time Outside: Most Beloved Students Activities

Written By: Kylie Jordan

Many spend days in front of computer screens, then return home and sit on the sofas in front of the TVs. As a result, we often experience chronic tiredness, problems with concentration, memory, and, ultimately, severe health issues. The result of the lack of movement is the emergence of many diseases, including obesity.

People who spend all day inside may also have worse relationships with family or friends. The virtual world can be a serious addiction. Psychologists provide more and more evidence that spending time outside has a huge impact on the state of one’s psyche.


How to Find Time to Be Closer to Nature?

Students who spend all day at the university cannot find free time to go outside and spend time with friends or alone. 

If you have a lot of tasks and do not have enough time or energy to complete all of them, or you just want to relax in the fresh air instead of spending more hours in front of a computer, turn to and delegate some tasks to their professionals. The specialists will be happy to help you while you will free up some time to spend with family or friends.

Why Do We Need to Spend More Time in the Fresh Air?

Hours spent outdoors have an impact on the work of the human body. Thanks to the higher amount of oxygen, we become properly oxygenated, making the brain and heart function better. 

Spending time outside also helps to improve memory and concentration. What is essential – when doing sports out, a portion of vitamin D gets into our body, and it is something everyone needs.

You should also take care of improving your physical condition. Due to active engagement in fitness, aging processes are delayed. This is probably a great motivation for doing sports outside as often as possible.

Spending a few hours in the fresh air is also associated with greater production of endorphins, the happiness hormones. Physical activity helps to improve mood, add energy, and also speeds up metabolism. 

Meeting together in a relaxed atmosphere can strengthen interpersonal relationships. Many of us can then learn how to work in a team, how to endure successes together, or solve problems. 

The Best Outdoor Activities to Spend Great Time 


Not only because it is a great, ecological type of transport it also has a positive effect on our body. A bicycle trip out of town is a good idea to spend your free time together with friends or on your own. Check out USAALL.COM  for the Ultimate Cycling guide!!

Outdoor Gym

You can find lots of outdoor gyms in urban space. Usually created at playgrounds and parks, they serve as excellent opportunities to combine training with a walk with your friends or family members. 

Inline Skating 

Inline skating is always popular. Roller events such as night skating are organized in many cities to promote roller-skating sports and, above all, to have fun.

Goat Yoga

Here we’re gonna mention something peculiar. Doesn’t matter if you opt for regular yoga classes near the campus or the word asana rings no bells for you.

Unexpected combination proposed by goat yoga will only let you be closer to nature. So be sure to add it on the list of things to catch up until 2019 ends!

Nordic Walking

Invented in Finland as training for cross-country skiers, this activity has attracted many people all over the world. Walking this way has a positive effect on our entire body. It reinforces the strength and endurance of the arms, burns more calories than while ordinary walking. 



It is a sport that requires only comfortable sports shoes and a positive attitude. Its impact on one’s health is indisputably significant. While running outside, you will get a large dose of endorphins in most cases which will help one be happier. 


Kayaking develops the upper muscles, and the sun or wind in your hair is a nice addition to this activity. By the way, you can see the landscapes from a different, water perspective. Of course, remember the safety rules – a life vest is recommended.


Doctors and scientists consider tennis as one of the healthiest sports in the world. This activity improves motor coordination, and since it is primarily an individual sport, it also helps any player develop one’s character.


Millions of youngsters identifying with their favorite football players test their strength in local stadiums and parks. Join them if you have not yet.

And don’t forget that football is a team game, and the most important thing is “team spirit”!


Final Words

To sum up, outdoor activity is not only a break away from everyday life and a way to lose kilograms. It is a reliable source of energy and an ideal medicine that relaxes, improves mood, increases immunity, and restores one’s young looks. 

Hopefully, among these outdoor activities, you will find something that will encourage you to spend more time with your friends in the fresh air. You can find a hobby that will become your passion.