Traveling Can Make Your Life Brighter: 6 Great Places to Visit in Arizona

6 Great Places to Visit in Arizona... Including Goat Yoga!

Written by: Kylie Jordan

Arizona has been a tourist magnet for ages. Tucked away in the southwestern region of the United States, it is an expansive state renowned for its deserts, volcanic mountain ranges, natural rock formations, and the famous Grand Canyon.

For visitors looking for an exciting place to spend their vacation or have fun on the weekend, Arizona serves as the perfect spot with a myriad of spectacular landforms to explore.

Travelers interested in soaking in the natural wonders of this region will love this post. They’ll discover amazing places to visit that allows them to venture deeper into the delicate, yet rich environment of the area.

If you are a student browsing this article in search of great places and much fun, you’ve come to the right place. Pick your favorite place, book a flight, secure your academic stance, and prepare for the trip. 

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Known for its eye-catching mountain ranges, Arizona is a hallmark of natural beauty, and Sedona is one of many scenic places to visit. Situated in between Yavapai and Coconino Counties, mountain hiking enthusiasts can climb the Cathedral rock and scale as high as 4,921 feet.

The beauty of this region lies in its numerous biking and hiking trails. Visitors can immerse themselves in tons of outdoor activities, either as a family gateway or a romantic weekend. It is a favorite spot for jeep off-scenic tours with the region attracting millions of visitors annually.

Apart from the controversial UFO sighting, its rusty rock formations are an excellent treat for adventure fanatics and outdoor lovers. Surrounded by lush forests, the region serves as a hub for art galleries, tourism communities, and boutiques.

Aside from hiking, visitors can engage in tons of fun activities, including:

  • Swimming;
  • Horseback riding;
  • Golf;
  • Tennis;
  • Fishing;
  • Tours.


This picturesque town in Southeast Arizona is synonymous with copper and silver mines. Located in Cochise County, it presents travelers with a chance to dive into its rich heritage and enjoy the charm of its eccentric landscape.

With its Wild West outlook, the town has a few modern facilities that made it a magnet for travelers and a popular locale for artists. 

The mine tour comprises a full-gear setup where travelers wear reflector jackets, helmets and carry portable headlamps. Bisbee is full of art galleries and shops, with colorful murals serving as decorations throughout the town.

The town has cool places where visitors can relax and rest after a day of mine tours or visiting the humongous lavender pit. For beer lovers, there is a local brewery within the town, which produces a range of artisan beers, to drown the scorching heat of Arizona.

Grand Canyon

As an iconic destination, known around the world, the Grand Canyon is a perfect location that holds several exciting attractions. Apart from the breathtaking view of the canyon, travelers can get greater insight by visiting waterfalls located in the Grand Canyon, such as:

  • Mooney;
  • Havasu;
  • Beaver;
  • Navajo.

All these are incredible spots to visit, but travelers can start by exploring the scenic gateway that is Beaver Falls, located in Havasu Creek. Hidden deep in the Grand Canyon, the waterfall offers visitors a breathtaking experience to appreciate the natural wonder of turquoise blue waters and red rocks.

Since the waterfalls are on tribal land, visitors are required to make a reservation beforehand. Travelers are advised to respect the rules of the Havasupai Tribe during their visit. 

Lake Mead Recreational Area

Lake Mead lies between Arizona and Nevada. It is a haven for fun activities, especially for RV enthusiasts, sunbathers, and campers. As a recreational area, it features a myriad of activities for families, solo travelers, and group outings.

While Lake Mead is the main focus of the region, visitors looking to have an epic time can undertake tons of water activities like:

  • Water skiing;
  • Boating;
  • Kayaking;
  • Canoeing;
  • Scuba diving.

For travelers not fond of water activities, there are many opportunities for horseback riding or hiking. The area has plenty of scenic routes, perfect for an evening drive to capture a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding mountain ranges. 

Saguaro National Park

For any traveler who has never touched a cactus, this park is the ideal spot to marvel the beauty of the renowned flora of Arizona — giant Saguaro Cactus. Located in Pima County, at the heart of the Sonoran Desert, visitors have the option to bike, walk or drive into the park.

Saguaro National Park is great for families as it has short hiking trails, perfect for kids, and it’s easy to explore the region within a couple of hours. Tucson City separates the park into two sections – Saguaro East and West.

Interestingly enough, each section has distinct flora and fauna. The east park is close to Catalina State Park and Sabino Canyon. The west park has tons of captivating landscapes such as the cactus garden trail, Bajada loop drive, Sendero Esperanza Trail, plus a lovely view of the Rincon Mountains.

Goat Yoga

To top the experience, be sure to visit the most unexpected adventure that is on the plate. Get closer to nature and choose the most uncommon way to do this. Repeat after no one less but Ozzy Osbourne himself and plan a little retreat to engage in… goat yoga!

Later, you will be able to compare the results with your regular yoga class and we bet the difference will be just striking!

Final Words

For visitors in need of a break from the noise, pollution, and stress of the city, Arizona is a unique getaway spot with the perfect landscapes, breathtaking scenery, and unparalleled views of mountains and deep canyons.

It is the ideal vacation spot for campers, outdoor lovers, and adventure fans.