Goat Poop

Goat Poop: 4 Deliciously Suprising Facts

Black and white nigerian cute baby goat yoga

“Do Goats Poop on you during Goat Yoga?”

“This is probably one of the most common questions we get asked” says Sarah Williams at Arizona Goat Yoga. Yes this happens from time to time during yoga, but consider yourself lucky! Goat poops are very small dry pellets- much like tiny bunny poo. Before you shake it off your mat, here are some interesting facts about goat poo that you may not have known. Goat poop is nature’s “Garden Gold Nuggets”! It is an extremely covetous fertilizer for hard core gardeners. Unlike other manure, goat poo doesn’t smell, is easy to spread, does not attract insects, and won’t burn plants like other manure. Several times a year, we will have people, and even school field trips, come out and shovel all the poo from our goat pens… and I mean ALL of it. Every last dumpling. They swear it is the goat poo that makes their garden thrive! So come bring a bag and a shovel, and take as much as you want!

Another thing you may not know about goat pellets, is they were used in makeup! Yep very expensive department store makeup. Have you ever heard of Argan oil? Yeah that stuff you rub in your hair and all over your face? GOAT POOP! Well, at least it came from goat poo. Goats love to climb trees, another fact you may not know about. They particularly love to climb  30 ft Argan trees, to eat these delicious shrivelled, yellow apple- looking things. When the goats eat the argen fruit, they would either spit out the nuts, or more commonly, poo them out. These nuts are then collected by oil harvesters, dried out, and cracked open. The nuts are extremely hard to break on their own, which is why the need the goats help.

So now we know that goats poop are good for gardening, and makeup… What about candy? YEP! There is goat poop candy. This is actually very expensive gourmet chocolate balls. 

Goat Poop is also a great Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer poop evidence substitute! Need evidence that Santa Came? Come get some magical pellets to toss across your driveway!

So there you have it, 4 surprising benefits to goat poop. Just another reason to come to Arizona Goat Yoga… You might get lucky! If a goat poops on your mat, consider it a good day! Collect it for fertilizer, rub it on your face, or cover it in chocolate (then tell us how it tastes)! Even if Goat poop isn’t your cup of tea. How about this inspirational thought… “When crap happens; stand up, shake off your mat, breathe and Baaama-stay.” It applies to everyone