Benefits of Goat Yoga

Benefits of Goat Yoga

three girls doing Yoga Wheel with goats on there stomachs

Goat yoga trend which has spread like wildfire was no accident. It is sheer creativity that has taken the internet by storm. April Gould is a wonderful wife and a mother to 35 goats and 4 human kids, a professional water skier. Not the end of it, she was also competing for the American Ninja Warrior. Superhuman ain’t she? Sarah in the other hand is a certified yoga teacher who has been teaching the same for 20 long years. All-around the valley, Sarah teaches paddle board yoga in pools. She too had participated in American Ninja Warrior. 

Back in 2015, April was busy training her acrobatic goats for American Ninja Warrior, simultaneously, Sarah was teaching yoga. She preferred using props along with it in order to improve the practice. That’s when the “Goat Yoga” concept was born. Combining the peaceful yoga practice with sassy baby goats. What a fantastic idea! Nothing short of a treat to the soul. 


Fur Therapy

Animals have a therapeutic effect on humans, have significant effects on mental health especially. This kind of therapy is best for children suffering from autism, as it reduces anxiety, increases mental stimulation, and effectively reduces the negative feelings of loneliness. Goats can be the best animals to surround yourself with as unlike most other animals, goats do not require any previously established bond with humans. They just randomly go to any human asking for cuddles and pets. 

Baby goats are young, curious and full of energy. Surrounding oneself with those babies is nothing short of a mini-vacation, a much-needed break. These little goats are just all over the place. Yoga is a way of breaking the monotony of everyday hassles and calming oneself. These little goats surprisingly have huge calming effects, quite unlike their nature and spunky personalities. 

Yoga classes are usually very quiet and peaceful yet with goats breaking into the class, and moving all over, peace and tranquility become mere words. However, despite them being utterly noisy, they somehow manage to heal the ones that are hurting. They have significant mental therapeutic benefits. These tiny animals snuggle and radiate immense love. People sitting and meditation on the stressful situations in their lives will no longer be allowed the freedom to do the same. They’ll be thereafter, subject to these tiny goats who will entertain them with the funny antics, making their ribs and bellies ache with laughter.

Don’t Require Any Previous Experience At Yoga

These classes see all kinds of people coming in – people who are generally stressed out and looking for routine and change, people who are looking to reduce weight and improve mental health, people who are generally wanting to do something constructive with themselves. 

No prior experience in yoga is required as the yoga taught in those sessions is of the beginner’s level. Although the level might be easy, however, with the baby goats walking and jumping all over the place, the easy poses also seem challenging as they have to concentrate harder to maintain the pose they’ve achieved. Tiny yet fierce, these creatures will do all they can to break your focus so you end up playing with them instead.

You Even Get To Feed The Baby Goats

Now, this wouldn’t be possible just everywhere. However, some organizers do allow the yogis to feed the baby goats. This depends highly on the age of the goats. Yogis will not be allowed to feed the goats if they’re newborns, however, a couple of months old goats might be. Classes are held on the farm thus, the food also should be from there only. No outside food is allowed.

Do try and search for Goat Yoga Classes in your country too. It shouldn’t be an issue with yoga and especially Vinyasa yoga gaining popularity with every passing day. 

Little things you could keep in mind before going for this yoga – 

  • Tie your hair. Leaving your hair open can lead to breakages which if swallowed, can choke the goat babies. They are curious and will try to chew everything they find interesting, including the hair. Tie them. 
  • You can wear your usual work out clothes that are comfortable. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to wash them thoroughly once you get back from the classes. Baby goats are affectionate. They like humans petting them and return the favor by licking your clothes, feet, face, anywhere and everywhere they can. 
  • Do not take any food from home for the goat kids. They are little and the consumption of human food might upset their little bellies. Ask the organizer if you could feed them, what kind of food and which all goats. Newborns wouldn’t be allowed anything but its mother’s milk. The older ones might be allowed to eat the goodies you want to feed them. 

Good luck!

Vivek Roy is an enthusiastic Yoga blogger and Traveller from India. He has done 300 hrs yoga teacher training in India. He loves to travel and share the knowledge of yoga around the world. For more information about him visit his website.

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