Animal Yoga

Goat Yoga and Other Animal Hybrids goat yoga

With all these hybrid yogas popping up around the country, there is sure to be something for everyone. Not interested in  Hot Yoga, sweating 100 degree temperature, as the person in front of you is dowing a downward dog? Maybe you are more of an animal lover? (cue infomercial announcer) Then we got yoga for you!! I’ve done a little research, and have come up with some of the more popular forms of animal yoga. 

Why use animals for yoga? Animals give us emotional support, and will never judge. Most likely you are doing the pose better than them- so they have no room to.

 Like Dogs? Doga. Like Cats? Cat yoga. Like farm animals? Goats? Goat Yoga. Cows? Cow-cuddling, Horses? Horsga Alpacas? Alpaca. Lemurs? Lemga, Pigs? Pig yoga … ok that last one I made up, but I certainly can see “Pig Pilates” in the near future. Who knows, maybe someone is coming up with that right now! There is your next million dollar idea. You’re welcome. Afterall, many yoga poses are named from animals i.e. Downward Dog, Camel, Cat, Cow or even Scorpion Pose. So it only makes sense that we would actually incorporate these animals into an activity for which they are named after, but maybe not the Scorpion. So what makes the best yoga animal partner? After all, if this is your jam, you will probably  want the distraction from an adorable bouncy baby goat- if you’re expected to hold any position for any amount of time.

Types of Animal-assisted Yoga:

  • Dog Yoga 
  • Cat Yoga 
  • Goat Yoga 
  • Cow Yoga 
  • Bunny Yoga 
  • Horse Yoga 
  • Pig Yoga 
  • Zoo Yoga 
  • Alpaca Yoga 
  • Farm Yoga 
  • Reptile Yoga 
  • Lemur Yoga 
  • Human Yoga  

Humans? Yes actual human beings! Aren’t we all animals? OK I guess it’s better known as Acro Yoga, or Partner Yoga. I still like to include it in the animal list. 

So what is the ideal yoga animal partner? From what I have researched, it seems the top yoga animals are, Cats, Dogs, Goats, and Horses. Obviously, you are going to pick the particular animal you think is the cutest, or likewise, steer clear from those you are allergic to. Unless you are doing Bee Yoga, you wouldn’t want any hives! Ok I couldn’t help myself. Let’s assume they are all cute and hypoallergenic. Then what would you choose?

Dogs and Cats are kinda in the same category, as they are household animals. The benefit is you could actually bring your own “Fido”  to yoga, and learn moves to do at home. They would obviously already love you, and not run off to the next yogi with food.

Farm animals prove to be flexible as Goat Yoga has gained in popularity. But don’t forget about the Horses and Cows! Benefits of Horse, Cow and Goat Yoga, is that you don’t have to bring your own animal… unless you have one you want to bring. Horse and Cow Yoga are usually done outside in smaller classes, and they just do their thing…graze on grass and stare at you as you are twisting into a pretzel. If you’re not in the mood of being judged by an animal 4 times your size, you can try a smaller farm animal, Goats! Goats will actually walk and interact with you and the baby goats may jump on your back and try to play! Lemur yoga is very similar to this. 

As you can see, we have taken thousands of years to evolve, a once sacred practice, into something even goats can do! Basically just think of your favorite animal, or prop, and start Yoga-ing! I mean, isn’t that what “Yoga” has become? Movement with props? So, crack open your beer and chug, “Beer Yoga” Lovers! You’re doing it!